October 16, 2013

What’s Up Wednesday: October 16th Edition

Today I am talking about the return of The Biggest Loser, DisBroads, and the wonderful world of memes!!

Last night was the premier of The Biggest Loser season 15 and I was watching it, how about you?

I can’t say I’ve watched every season, but I have watched most of them and I am still find it so inspiring every single time! I also must admit I teared up a few times. The back stories are always so touching and often heartbreaking.

It’s still too early for me to pick my favorite, but I’m leaning toward David. What I can I say? Any man who stands by their wife through cancer, twice, and then loses his wife to that cancer deserves some good karma in my book. 

New this year they also added a “trainer save” that will definitely make things more interesting!


Up next is a shout out to my The DisBroads!! Last week we started our #MeetTheDisBroads campaign on our Facebook and Twitter pages, and today the blog goes live so you might want to go check it out!!
In case you haven’t heard of The DisBroads, before today I am going to tell you the cast of characters and my version of how we came together!

It all started way back in 2011. DisBroad Patty and I had already known each other for a few years through a message board we were both members of for children born in April of 2005, and were planning on running the Princess Half Marathon together. We often frequented another message board community designated to all things Disney and that is where we met DisBroad Julie and DisBroad Amy, who were also planning to run PHM 2011 for the first time.

Now fast forward a couple of years.

I met DisBroad April at PHM 2013, thanks to the runDisney pusher Patty. I am not sure exactly where I met DisBroad Suzanne, DisBroad Kristen, DisBroad Shannon and DisBroad Tania first since we are all members of several of the same Facebook groups,  but before too long we were all chatting away on Twitter and viola!! The DisBroads were born, or at least that is my side of the story and how I met all my fellow broads!

Lastly, last week I was introduced to the world of memes. I mean I knew of them, and saw them on Pinterest and Facebook all the time, but it was the first time I just went searching for them and laughed for hours! So I decided to leave you one of my favorite memes from the week. There are many more, but I am saving them for future posts. :)    

Do you watch The Biggest Loser? If so who are you rutting for?

What are some of your favorite memes from the last week?


  1. HA- you know I'm a meme girl! I love a good Hey Girl, but this one is pretty spot on this week as well. Happy Wednesday Summer!

    1. Thank you, Patty! I was looking at shutdown memes for at least an hour, insisting I had to read most of them to my mom. She's such a trooper.

  2. I haven't watched last night's premier yet - kinda excited to see Ruben on there! But David sounds like awesome sauce!

    1. Yes he is!! Ruben is cool too, I think Dolvett said it so well when he said American Idol showed his strength, and now Biggest Loser is going to show his weakness.

  3. Okay, I just watched it. LOVE this season. No one came off as jerk faces and the first workouts went well. Wonder if that's because the trainers had a say- and not the producers just looking for drama. And Jillian HAD to do what she did at the end. HAD TO.

  4. I don't watch biggest loser BUT I can loose many hours of my life looking up memes so I try to stay away!


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