August 28, 2013

What’s Up Wednesday: August 28th Edition

This weeks topics are Swirl Gear and I got a job interview!!

Back in Texas I was a life skills paraeducator and I really loved my job, but I had to quit when Officer P got his promotion in California. I had tossed around the idea of doing the same thing here in California but was concerned about the logistics of it all. With 4 kids and homeschooling the 3 girls there was a lot to consider, but about a month ago I decided to “see what happens” and applied for a part-time special ed para position. Well, yesterday I got a call and I have a group interview set for tomorrow at 10 (PT).

I can honestly say I will be happy either way.  The money would be nice, but we don’t have to have it. It would allow us to be more comfortable and do more fun things, but we don’t need it to pay the bills. The position is 5 days a week, but only 3-4 hours a day so I think it is a good fit for me right now since it will still leave me plenty of time to work with the girls on homeschooling.

Of course one of the first things I considered was how it is this going to effect my races. This is kind of a double edge sword because I would be able to afford to do more races, but Sunday races will pose more of an issue when I have work Monday morning, but I’ll worry about that when the time comes.

Up next is some Swirlgear news. A few months ago I became a Swirlgear ambassador (use code 913 for free shipping) and I can honestly say I love the clothing they offer. Swirlgear is a new women owned and operated fitness apparel company for women. Since this is such a new company they have a limited line of merchandise currently available, but there is a lot more in the works for the fall/winter line. This is where you all can help us out.

With all of the cost associated with getting the company up and running funds are tight to produce the new line so they started up a kick starter campaign. Contributors have the opportunity to not only help back the new line, but they will get to preorder select items at a big discount! If you would like to know more about the brand there is a short video on the campaign page or you can read all about the company here. Also for you bloggers out there, they are always looking for more brand ambassadors so if you are interested in becoming an ambassador and getting a great discount contact Marisa at 

With my up coming interview I’d love to hear your best tips and advice for killing an interview?? What is the worst advice you have been give when it comes to interviewing?

August 25, 2013

RnR Las Vegas Training: Week 4



Nope you didn’t miss it; I didn’t post a recap for week 3. Honestly, I have not been very motivated to blog lately. I write awesome posts in my head when I am out for a run, but once I get home I just don’t really feel like sitting down and typing it out, or it doesn’t seem as good of a post as I did out on my run.

Once again I fell off the TapouT wagon, but on the bright side I have not missed a single run. I am taking that as a small victory and deciding how I want to move forward. Like always, I am sure that will be a continual work in progress. This week looked like this:

  • Monday: Rest
  • Tuesday: 4 mile tempo run, although honestly I don’t do tempo runs well so it was basically just a regular run.
  • Wednesday: Light suspension training. I am still trying to work out a routine for this and will be posting a review of my Mostfit Strap after I get a chance to use it a bit more.
  • Thursday: 5 miles at moderate pace. I am still a bit behind pace for these, but I am getting close. This was actually suppose to be 4 miles, but I accidently got a week ahead of myself. Oops.
  • Friday: Light suspension training
  • Saturday: 7 mile long run. The 7 mile mark is always a biggie for me because it is over half way. The next milestone is 10 miles because it’s double digits.
  • Sunday: Candlelight yoga

On to week 5 I go!! 84 days till race day!!!

August 11, 2013

RnR Las Vegas Training: Week 2


I did not formally post it here, but my goal for August is to not miss a single workout for the whole month. 11 days down and so far so good. Having the goal has even helped me to do a workout when I really don’t feel like it, like today. I am use to having Sunday as a rest day after my long run on Saturday, but with the challenge I am doing my rest day isn’t until Wednesday.
This is how this week shaped up:

Monday: Buns & Guns and abs XT
Tuesday: 3 mile tempo run & Muay Thai
Wednesday: REST
Thursday: 3 miles moderate pace & Sprawl and Brawl
Friday: Legs & Back
Saturday: 5 mile long run & Yoga XT
Sunday: Cross Core Combat

In other news last week I said how I want to try suspension training next month and I am very excited to report that I won a MostFit Suspenison Strap from Mindy's Fitness Journey. I can’t wait to give it a try and hopefully work it into next months training schedule. 

August 5, 2013

RnR Las Vegas Training Week 1


This week not only did I start training for the Rock N Roll Las Vegas half, but I also started a TapouT challenge with a Facebook group my sister added me to. It feels good to have sore muscles and be tired at night again, but honestly it is a bit discouraging too since I don’t have the strength to do many of the moves. I have started the program 2 or 3 times and always end up quitting a week or two in. I am hoping that the challenge will help pull me through the 30 days and I’ll come out stronger on the other end.

But anyway, this is how my week looked:

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 3 mile run

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: 3 mile run & Cardio XT plus Abs XT

Friday: Sprawl & Brawl

Saturday: 4 mile long run & Competition Core

Sunday: Plyo XT

For the month of August I will be working out 6 days a week and doing doubles 3 of the days. Then starting next month, when the mileage gets higher, I want to cut it back to 5 days a week and start suspension training. 

Have you ever tried suspension training? What’s your favorite workout?