About Me

I'm a wife, mother to 4, and half marathon runner. You may occasionally see me run a different distance, but the half is my distance of choice and it all started with a mouse. That is Mickey Mouse, and runDisney, of course.

Back in 2009, after giving birth to my son, I started running to lose some of the baby weight. It was during this time that I discovered runDisney and the Princess Half Marathon. Since the 2010 race was only a couple short months away I decided to set my sights on the 2011 Princess Half Marathon to keep me moving. I mentioned it to some of my fellow running moms, which just so happened to include DisBroads Patty, yes that is right I am totally taking credit for Patty's runDisney addiction and you are all very welcome.

Together we managed to convince some of our fellow mother runners to join in on the fun! Not only was the PHM the first half marathon for all of us, but 3 of us were back in 2012 and 2013 as well. You could safely say we are hooked.

Being born and raised in Southern California made me a huge fan of all things Disney, and being able to runDisney is icing on the iconic Mickey shaped cake!!

This blog journals the balancing act that is my everyday life. Although it primarily follows my fitness journey, running escapades and love of Disney, I have decided to splash a little fashion, craftiness, and all things me in there as well.

I hope you enjoy my little spot here in the blogaverse, but more importantly I hope to see you at a race real soon.

         My first pair of ears!!

Summer Irby



  1. So glad you're with us, Summer, and I DO thank you for encouraging the force that is Patty. :)

    1. Thank you, Amy!! I'm so glad you lovely ladies included me in your group!

  2. Hi Summer!! I just found your blog via bloglovin :0) I always love meeting other runDisney fans! I'll be at Tink next month as well.. not doing the 10K and half, just the half. Hope you see you there, and I am looking forward to following along with you on your blog!

    1. Thank you for stopping by! I will definitely be around at Tink and would love to see you!