March 28, 2013

Tink Half Meet Up

I got in with a little help from my friend, Shenanigans. I had heard of the meet ups in the past but never really knew what a big deal they were and just what it took to even get in. After Shenanigans explained the ins and outs of it and directed me to Out Running the Monorail, I was all set and in blog stalker mode. I was so out of the loop I actually had to set up a Twitter account just for this, and call up my mom and ask her how to use it. Yeah, seriously I did.

It was a very long week but finally the day had come that the post was to be made. I sat by the computer and had my phone with me at all times. I was not going to be caught without my phone whenever the post went live. I was also texting and messaging Shenanigans since misery loves company, then the moment came. I got a text from her that simply said “send”, which was immediately followed by the runDisney tweet. I fumble with my phone, accidently opened up the wrong folder, had to back back out and go into the right folder and zoom my email went speeding off in cyber space. At first I felt very confident, I mean I had to get in, I sent my email within 30 seconds how could I not?

That confidence soon turned to doubt. Oh no! My email had the address in all lowercase letters and the blog post had caps and lowercase, surely that wouldn’t make a difference, right? I can’t send another email because duplicates will disqualify you, and it would be too late anyway.  I then convinced myself it was fine since it didn’t get bounce back to me. About this time Shenanigans posted on Facebook that she got in, I quickly checked my email too, success I was in!! We also had another friend, Canadian Mom Allison (CM A) who also got in so we were all very excited.


Fast forward to the morning of the meet up. We had to meet under Mickey’s Sorcerer hat in front of the Disneyland Hotel at 6 to start the run at 6:30. It felt like a very long time but soon enough we were gathered around and were ready to go. Now when I run I kind of get tunnel vision, even if it is a fun run, so I honestly can’t say everywhere we ran, but I do know we started down Downtown Disney and into Disneyland Park. After twisting and turning around the park a bit we stopped for our first surprise, group pics with Tink!! Shenanigans, Allison and I thought this was the perfect time to smooze with the celebs a bit. Here we are with Ali Vincent, the first female winner of The Biggest Loser!!!

And here I am with my childhood crush, Rudy, umm I mean Sean Astin. He was explaining to Shenanigans how to use my phone to take a pic. He was a super nice, totally normal, guy just hanging out and talking with us, which was totally cool.
Hey look who is in our Tink picture too. Why it’s Sean Astin, along with New Balance rep, Josh.

We were the last group to take our picture so then it was back to running we went, out of Disneyland and across to Disney’s California Adventure! Here we did more circling around the park, we were expecting to go through Cars Land, but no such luck. Before we knew it the running portion of the morning was over. We stopped at Carthay Circle for water and another surprise! We had some special guests come out to join us for our group picture. I am in the vicinity of Goofy’s head, in case you were wondering.

We then had the opportunity to take pics with the characters while we waited to move to the next surprise. Here are a couple of Allison and myself.
                    184710_10151282482018392_1465255855_n       224534_10151418963110450_71211737_n
And here are all three of us with Jeff Galloway. I have to give the man credit where credit is due, if it was not for his run/walk/run method I would never have even considered running a half marathon. Ever.
After this we headed over to Carsland for our next BIG surprise!! We are riding Radiator Springs Racer before the park opens!! I was thrilled by this since I had not had a chance to ride the ride before. Here we gooooo. Unfortunately we lost the race. Story of my life ; )
312342_10151364631257472_289344710_n    0118ZX_1267TA

Next stop was the Napa Rose for breakfast, giveaways, a few guest speakers, and a cooking demo.  Up first was Josh from New Balance speaking about the special edition runDisney shoes and how the response to them was way bigger then they expected and how they were rush producing more so they would have some for Princess Half Marathon weekend. He also gave away 2 pair of the runDisney shoes and 2 other people had the option of getting any other New Balance shoe or waiting a month and getting a pair of the runDisney shoes mailed to them. Unfortunately none of the names he pulled were mine. Boo
The other speakers included Sean Astin, who spoke about his #run3rd campaign. Jeff Galloway spoke about his run/walk/run method and how it helps you to finish strong by taking walk breaks early. Ali Vincent spoke about her transformation into an active lifestyle and how, like Galloway’s running style, she did it one minute on and one minute off. She was awesome!! Very inspirational and you could really hear her passion in her voice as she spoke. Last up was Diet Diva Tara who spoke briefly about nutrition for runners and reminded us that we need carbs both before and after a run!
Next up we were treated to a cooking demo from the Executive Chef of the Napa Rose. We not only got to watch them prepare the Black Bean Chipotle Cakes, and sample it, but we also got a copy of the recipe emailed to us. I will be honest, it was delicious but I have not yet made it myself.

This pretty much concluded the meet up. On our way out we each got a one day park hopper and a Live Big wristband from Ali. Overall the meet up was fabulous! I had so much fun and having two of my running besties by my side was frosting on the cake! I am hoping to get the opportunity to do it again in the future. 

March 25, 2013

From Princess to Diva

A new race has just been added to my list for the year. I was not planning on doing another race until November, but now that has all changed. I have had my eye on the Diva Series ever since I got back from the Princess Half Marathon last month (race recap coming later this week). I mean a tiara and feather boa station just before mile 13?? Yes please! Then to top it off you get your medal, a rose, and a glass of bubbly handed to you by hunky men at the finish line?? What's not to love? My original plan was to do the So Cal race, with my mom YAY!, in December, but for some reason the San Francisco race kept calling my name. After doing a little site browsing I discover they have a west coast challenge! If you do both the San Francisco and So Cal races in the same year you get extra bling!! Those who know me know how much I LOVE my extra bling (cough cough coast 2 coast 2 years in a row!!) so operation convince the husband was now underway.

It just so happens that the race is on May 5th and Artsy Girl's, also know as #1, birthday is May 4th. YES!! I found my in. I approached Officer P by asking him if he wanted to take Artsy Girl to San Francisco for her birthday; knowing that one of our regrets when we first moved to Texas was not going to San Francisco so I thought it was a pretty easy sale. He asked Artsy Girl if she would like to go and her answer was "sure". For Artsy Girl this is a pretty standard answer, but we took it as a yes. With that settled it was time to reveal my secret motivation, lucky for me Officer P is very supportive of my running and his blessing was easily given.

Sooo just like that I did it!! I pulled the trigger and registered for my very first non runDisney half marathon!! This will also be my very first unofficial, official, #run3rd race. For those of you who don't know #run3rd it is a twitter campaign started by actor Sean Astin that is really pretty simple, "I run 1st for myself, I run 2nd for my family and I run 3rd for you". In the spirit of #run3rd I will be dedicating each mile of my run to a person/ people or a cause and will be tweeting them as I go. As the race grows closer I will start taking dedications so if you have someone or something in mind watch for that post in the next month or so.

March 22, 2013

Revisiting and Reviving

Recently a very good friend of mine, Calling Shenanigans , picked up blogging again. After reading several of her posts I was inspired to dig up my old blog and read it over. All 4 posts of it. Reading those 4 posts was the best reminder I could get about just how far my running has come. There was just something about reading my own words, written at that time, that just spoke to me and inspired me to revive this blog that had been abandoned so long ago.

In true Summer fashion I spent most of the day yesterday thinking up a new title, since "Summer- Princess in Training" no longer seemed fitting considering I have now ran the Princess Half Marathon a total of 3 times, and looking for a new design. Have I ever mentioned how I use to aspire to be a layout and design editor for some big name magazine? No? Well it's true. I am not creative enough to come up with the designs myself, but I can certainly tell others what is wrong with theirs. ;)

Anyway, it was quite a process but after hours researching possible names, and often suffering heartache when I found my totally clever idea had already been taken, my blog now has now come back to life. Voila! My brand new running diary is up and ready to go!