October 5, 2013

Foodie Friday: Protein Breakfast Pizza

Welcome to my first installment of Foodie Friday! I am a total foodie so I am surprised it took me this long to get on board the Foodie Friday train, but at last here I am.
I have decided to choose a theme for each month and share recipes and/ or foodie experiences involving that theme. For the month of October I decided to go with breakfast; after all it is the most important meal of the day!
I’m not sure about most of you but breakfast is a very tricky meal for me. I usually want something fast, easy, and yet still filling. I have found that my protein breakfast pizza meets all three of these criteria and quickly became one of my favorite go to choices.
One thing to keep in mind when reading my recipes is that I graduated from the Rachel Ray school of measuring. That means I don’t really do it. I am not being all mysterious about the measurements or anything, I really just don’t know exactly how much I use. Got it?
Good, now we may proceed.
For this “pizza” I use a combination of 3 eggs. Today I used 1/4 cup egg whites and 1 whole egg, but I have used all egg whites in the past and found it to be just as good. Really it can be whatever you have on hand.
I used spicy pork breakfast sausage this time, but have used bacon, turkey sausage, or just left it as a plain cheese pizza in the past. Again, just use what you have.
For the sauce we will use tomato paste. I like to use Hunt’s tomato paste with basil, garlic and oregano, but if you can’t find it you can always get plain tomato paste and stir in a tablespoon or so of Italian Seasoning and some minced garlic. 
Last but not least is the cheese! I don’t skimp here. If I have some Kraft 2% or mozzarella part skim on hand I will use that, but most of the time I use the full fat stuff, because I am a rebel like that. Again whatever you have. I have used several different blends and have found I liked them all about the same. Just don’t use fat free. It’s not really cheese, doesn’t want to melt, and when it does it resembles plastic. Just stay away!20131003_082522
The first thing you want to do is cook up your meat topping. I cooked the whole pound of sausage and put the leftovers in a food storage container to use another day. When the meat is almost done heat up a nonstick skillet to make your egg “crust”. Eggs lose their temperature pretty quickly so don’t start them too soon.
This crust is very simply. I just beat together my whole egg with my egg white and poor them into the bottom of my skillet. To ensure that the eggs are cooked all the way through you can either flip them after a minute or two, or simply put a lid on your skillet to help steam the top. I prefer to use the lid since it lessens the chance of ripping the crust, but since I used my wok today I didn’t have a lid that fit it so I flipped it.
Be very careful not to overcook your eggs or they will become tough! So cook them through, but don’t overcook. Got it?
After your crust is cooked through simply slide it off onto your plate, top with about 2 tablespoons of the tomato paste, your cooked meat, and a handful or so of cheese and viola! It’s done.
It really is that easy, and if you omit the meat, or have it already prepared from the pervious day it will literally only take about 5 minutes to make and has over 20 grams of protein!! I add an iced coffee and a side of fruit and there you go, a complete breakfast!
For those of you like me, who will scan the post for the list of ingredients, here you go:
  • 2 egg whites
  • 1 whole egg
  • 2 TBSP tomato paste
  • 1/4 cup cooked sausage
  • handful of cheese
Next week I will be making my take on an open-face, eggs florentine breakfast sandwich, so don’t forget to be on the lookout for it!
What is your favorite go to weekday breakfast?


  1. Not that I was making breakfast THIS morning, but that looks really good!

    1. LoL. Me either. I made this yesterday, and honestly only did it for the blog post. It is really good though. When I was doing my Insanity thing I ate it all the time.

  2. Wow that looks delish! I need to cook breakfast more often.

    1. Me too! It's so easy, but I'm usually just not motivated to do it.