October 21, 2013

I Run 4 Logan

October is Down Syndrome awareness month and in order to help support awareness I added a Down Syndrome awareness button on my homepage. I also wanted to put a face and a name to DS so I would like to introduce you the cutest little 2 year old I know!!
I run 4 logan

Don’t you just want to cuddle him up?? I know I do!!

If you read my Diva Half run 3rd recap you know that I like to run for people or causes “bigger then me”. I love that someone struggling or going through hard times knows that someone out there is thinking of them, and on a slightly selfish side they really help to carry me through my runs as well. That is why when I heard about I Run 4 I was really excited to sign up.

It works similar to run 3rd, but instead of taking dedications for an individual race you become a virtual pen pal of sort with a person with special needs. They cheer you on during your runs, and you cheer for them on their accomplishments as well. It’s really a pretty cool system! I was absolutely ecstatic when I received my match and got to meet Logan!!

This is the story his mom shared with me back in July: 
“Just wanted to introduce my little man to you! This is Logan, sometimes known as Yogee by his big brother Landon (almost 4yr). Watch out because he's a bit of a heart throb! He's got a birthday coming up on Aug 9 & turns 2yrs old & dreams planted that he will be taking steps without help just for the occasion. He's a little heart hero too & we celebrate his happy heart day on Dec 7-- his surgeon called his scar a zipper.... So last year for our Buddy Walk, he also has Down syndrome (Ds), we wore a shirt that says "rocking designer genes & a radical zipper" We can't wait to get to know you & yours & wanted to send a smile & a thank you!”

Of course I fell in love with him instantly and have had him on my mind for each run since. At the Neon Splash Dash I sported this glow in the dark tribute to my running buddy

I realize it kind of looks like it says rum, but I assure you it does, in fact, say run. ;) 

After reading about Logan’s heart zipper I was inspired to make my own heart zipper to bring with me to my races!! It will be making it’s debut in just a few weeks at the Rock N Roll Las Vegas half marathon, so keep an eye out for it! It will then be traveling with me to each race after!!

I run 4 Logan . . . who do you run for??down-syndrome-awareness


  1. This is awesome! I Run 4 Caelyn! She's a sweetheart and we have already logged many miles together :) I was so excited when I was matched. I love bringing even more meaning to my miles.
    Karen @karenlovestorun

    1. It sure does!! Seeing that little face in my mind helps me push past the feeling of not wanting to go any farther!!

  2. Wow so cool....love this! I need to look into this program as it sure makes a difference when you are running for someone other than yourself. Logan is a doll! Thanks for sharing this!

    1. It sure is! Be advised though, it may take awhile to get matched. I got in while it was still newer, but I have seen others posting that they have waited a month or more!

  3. Replies
    1. He is so stinkin' adorable!! He's been working on his walking too!! Slowly but surely he is getting there!

  4. Aww! I do want to just cuddle Logan up!

    1. Right?? His mom posts videos of him walking from time to time and I want to go scoop him up!!


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