June 3, 2013

My First Week of Whole 30

I will say my expectations going into Whole 30 were pretty low, but I was hopeful. In the past I have only had mediocre results with any program I have tried, so you can imagine my surprise when this first week on Whole 30 I lost 3.6 pounds! That never happens, like ever. I meant to take before pics, but unfortunately it just didn’t happen. I will say, though, I must have had some major bloating or something because my stomach already looks much flatter and firmer. Of course I am also still doing Julie’s 30 day squat, crunch and plank challenger, which I am sure helped as well.  

So far sticking with the program has been really easy. Sure I will see a pizza commercial and declare that I would really like a slice, but I know that that would not sit well and will only make me feel sick so it is just not worth it.  As of right now I do plan to stick with a paleo lifestyle after my Whole 30 has ended, but I will “paleofy” some things, like ice cream. I just can’t go all summer without ice cream, it’s unAmerican.

Overall I feel lighter, as in less sluggish and tired. I am sure that was the sugar, which has been easier than expected to give up. I also feel better all around. I feel more awake and much more alert, which I honestly did not expect. I read all the claims before starting the program, but did not expect to actually experience them for myself. 

I had a few people express an interest in what I would be eating this week so here is my recap. For breakfast I alternated between bacon and egg cup muffins and the banana pancake both with a side of fruit. Lunch I generally ate a fruit or vegetable with left over meat from a previous dinner. Most of my dinners came from pinterest, I linked to the site that I got the recipe from, which may or may not be the original source. 

Monday: Taco Salad I just winged this meal. I browned ground beef with this taco seasoning, added it to baby spinach and topped it with guacamole.

Tuesday: Roasted Whole Chicken with roasted sugar snap peas and baby carrots. Again I didn’t have a recipe for this one. Just used some spices from the pantry and some ghee.

Wednesday: was suppose to be pecan crusted chicken tenders, but I forgot to get pecans so I made them almond crusted instead. With this I cubed up some sweet potatoes, tossed them with coconut oil and sprinkled them with apple pie spice. They were a hit with the kids. 

Thursday: Sundried tomato meatballs this was not my favorite pesto recipe, but it was alright. I served these over spaghetti squash.

Friday: Bacon wrapped tender (I made it without the glaze) and roasted carrots. This meal was a huge success.

Saturday: Turkey burgers (no bun of course) and sweet potato chips. My chips tasted good, but did not turn out like chips. I could not get them cooked right, either they were still soft, or they burnt. I’ll have to work on that.

Sunday: Grilled steak and roasted carrots. The steak was marinated in olive oil and seasoned with some adobo powder and I had the hubby grill it on the BBQ. It turned out great!

They say to try and not snack but there were a few times when I was really hungry so I would grab a fruit or a handful of nuts. I need to work on turning to veggies more since honestly I don’t really care for most of them. So that is something I am going to focus on next week. 

I really found my menu plan to be so helpful. It was nice to just look at it and know what I was making that night. Not having to deicide what I was going to make made it so much easier. Plus I kept the meals really simple since a big complaint I often saw was that it was very time consuming. I am sure I will venture to more complicated meals as time goes on, but so far I am pretty happy with what I am doing. 

What are some of your favorite paleo friendly recipes? or recipes I could try and paleofy? I especially need ideas for breakfast as I see it getting old pretty quickly.


  1. This has to be difficult and you are doing a great job! Earlier this year my doctor's thought I had Celiac's and had to give up some of the foods I love (I'm thinking of you saying taking out the sugar wasn't as bad as you though) and after awhile it was simple. It wasn't in the house so I didn't crave it. Luckily I do not have Celiac's and was able to reintroduce lots of food but I still don't buy lots of things I used to before these tummy troubles arrived, not worth it!
    I'll be sure to keep an eye out for articles or Pinterest recipes to share w you!

    1. Me too! I don't bring it into the house and I am surely not going to load 4 kids into the car to go and get it.
      I should say my body isn't having any issues giving up refined sugars. It is kind of hard to find products that do not contain sugar, though.


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