May 6, 2013

#Run3rd Diva Style

This was my very first official, unofficial #run3rd race. As I mentioned in my Princess Half recap I have done #run3rd dedications before, but this was the first time I asked for others to give me dedications and got them!! Each request was so personal and so inspirational so I really wanted to help share their stories and that is what I hope to do here.
I set my alarm for 5:35, which was a nice change from the 2:30 I usually set it for runDisney races, and woke up just before it went off. I got up and dressed and with my #run3rd post-it in hand I was ready to head out to the start line.
As I was walking to the start line another runner, who was staying at the same hotel as me, had seen my #run3rd patch and asked me what the #run3rd was all about. I was so excited to explain it all to her and we ended up chatting the whole mile to the start line. She just so happened to be a runDisney enthusiast too and has a pretty impressive resume.
As we came up to the start line I wished my new friend luck and lined up with the 10:01-11 min./mil group. It was a bit ambitious, but not out of the realm of possibility for me. The corral system was very different than what I was use to and it was really weird to see spectators walking around between the runners, but it was very nice to only have a 20 minute wait until the race started. We had a moment of silence for Boston, the National Anthem played and we were off. 
I ran mile 1 for Super Jake, my good friend Patty’s son who is “forever 4”. Mile 2 was ran for a fellow #run3rd runner’s Aunt Nadine who is battling cancer for a second time, and mile 3 was for the animals living in shelters in need of a forever home. Between mile 2 & mile 3 this was the beautiful view I had. You know what is even more amazing? We ran to the base of that bridge before we turned around and came back! Now that puts the mileage into perspective.
Also right around this time I was thinking what is this life?? I mean I get to do this and with a back drop like that! How many people get to say that??
I had decided to dedicate mile 4 to all of those effected by the tragedy that happened in Boston, in honor of the 4 hours shown on the clock at the time that the bomb went off. Mile 5 was dedicated to fellow runDisney lover Julie’s friend Viv and all of those battling breast cancer. Mile 6 was dedicated to my friend Allison’s son, Cloudy, who was diagnosed semi-recently with  Muscular Dystrophy. This one really hit close to home for me since Cloudy is only a 3 months older than my own son and I remember us comparing notes as they both grew and developed.
Mile 7 was ran for mental illness, for awareness, education and for treatment. Mile 8 was ran for another April ‘05 mom’s sister who recently underwent a mastectomy and has had some complications requiring additional surgeries.  Mile 9 was requested by another fellow #run3rder and was for Wendy and Nicole. Wendy was a former teacher of Nicole’s and she recently donated her kidney to her former student. You can read all about the amazing story here.
Notice my #run3rd post-it note?
Mile 10 was ran at the request of  yet another April ‘05 moms. What can I say, they are a big part of my life. This request was for her oldest daughter’s high school boyfriend who is battling brain cancer. It happened to also be his 20th birthday so I felt so honored to dedicate a mile to him on this special day. 
Mile 11 was my own dedication to my dad, who I lost 8 years ago in a motorcycle accident. I purposely put him at mile 11 because that has been my wall lately, and when I looked down to my post-it and saw it was for him I almost started crying, which isn’t good for your breathing in case you were wondering. I contributed my brief lack of composer to many factors including the fact that I am a super emotional person to begin with and that April 27th was 8th anniversary of his accident. That coupled with being so tired from running and Carrie Underwood singing “So Small” on the iPod I never stood a chance. 
Mile 12 was for my friend April’s son Chris, who she lost as a baby. Mile 13.1 was for Pixie, my 7 year old boxer who kicked cancer to the curb this March. Yes, you read that right there really is a Pixie and she does sometimes run with me! And just like that I found myself crossing the finish line!! It wasn’t my fastest race, in fact it was almost my slowest, but it was a very personal and inspirational race for me and I wouldn’t change a thing.
Have you ever heard that shirtless men hand out the medals at the Diva half? Well it’s a true story!
What other race gives you a tiara, feather boa, red rose and a glass of champagne??


  1. Wonderful recap and now I'm crying at your beautiful dedications. Love to you my sweet friend.

    1. Thank you so much, Sarah. It really changed the way I looked at the race. If I was feeling tired or discouraged I just looked down at my list and reminded myself who I was running for and I felt obligated to finish it out for them! It was no longer about me.

  2. <3 Summer! Thank you so much for running for my Super Jake and everyone else! You are a fantastic #run3rd ambassador!

    1. It was my pleasure, Patty. When I first signed up for this race Super Jake was #1 on my list and I gave him mile 1 to get me going.

  3. Thanks Summer! We appreciate you thinking of Cloudy/ Nik!

  4. Wow, great recap! I loved your #run3rd dedications! I'm tear-eyed reading them, but what a special way to honor!!


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