May 5, 2013

Diva San Francisco Boutique Fun!!

Since traveling for a race tends to amp me up a bit, if it is at all possible I try to travel and hit the expo on Friday leaving Saturday as a time to hang out and take it easy. That is exactly what I did this time as well. We got to our hotel, the Hilton, right about 4, which was the same time that the boutique (Diva’s name for their expo) started. We got all checked in and headed up to our rooms to find this as our 14th floor view!!
After settling into our rooms we headed down to the path that follows along the bay and walked the 2 miles to the Marriot where the expo was being held. The kids were all troopers and made the long trip with few complaints. Officer P and “the Boy” decided it would be too girly for them so they went down by the water while us girls went up to get my bib and check out the [very] small boutique. I walked in and picked up my bib with no line!! Then headed straight over to find the Team Sparkle booth since I had promised, via Twitter, that I would stop by and look who I found there!
It’s Kelly from According to Kelly and co-owner of Team Sparkle!!
Next stop was the Diva lounge to get my pic taken with none other than diva extraordinaire Honey Loquacious. He was a total blast and quite a bit chatty! !
After that we browsed a few of the booths but nothing really caught my attention so we met back up with Officer P and “the Boy” and walked down a few buildings to have some dinner. Once again we had a beautiful view just outside our window.
With my expo goodies in hand and a full belly we decided to take a sunset walk back to the hotel for the night.
My bib, nylon drawstring bag, and race shirt!

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