May 8, 2013

I Ran Like a Diva . . . and I Liked It!!

I was a little apprehensive about doing this race and the number one reason for that was that it was NOT Disney. Up until this point I had only done Disney races. I knew what to expect at Disney races and more importantly I knew I fit in there. I was afraid that Diva would have more serious runners and I just wouldn’t be able to hack it. I was also afraid that I might get bored without all the bells and whistles a Disney race has to offer, but I am glad to say that none of this was the case.
I woke up at 5:30, which was a great plus since Disney races usually start around that time, and walked down to the start with just about 20 minutes to spare. Another big plus since Disney usually has you waiting in the corrals for at least an hour before start time.  The whole corral system, or lack there of was quite a bit confusing to me. The corrals were not sectioned off at all, as in there were people stand and walking around every where, spectators and runners alike.  We had a moment of silence for Boston, the National Anthem played and off we went. They had photographers right at the start line and I thought was cool, but I only saw them at 3 spots along the whole course, the start and finish lines and one other place so I was a little disappointed by that.
Since we ran down the street in front of our hotel my mom came down and took a couple of pics of me just before the mile 1 mark. I lined up with the 10:01-11 min/mil group and it seemed to be a good fit for the first few miles, in fact some of the people were quite a bit slower then me but I tried to stay behind them as much as I could to help slow me down those first few miles. I saw the mile 1 marker and tweetd my first #run3rd dedication. I had intended to tweet one at every mile marker but I didn’t see another one until mile 4 so I just tweeted the others going off my watch and/or hearsay.
It was one of those out and back type courses so once I saw a steady stream of runners heading back towards us I was feeling pretty good. Miles 3-6 were very consistent for me, right at a 11:57 pace each, which would be really close to a PR for me. I was feeling pretty good and comfortable and then came mile 7 and I was starving!! I always have issues eating early in the morning and it always tends to haunt me around 6-7 miles in. I had purchased a pouch of apple and banana baby food the night before and sucked it down very quickly. It helped me for a bit but I wish I had had another at mile 10. It was also at this time that “Almost There” came on my iPod. It really seems to like the 9-10 mile mark because even though I have it on shuffle it always seems to come on around that time.
After mile 10 I was struggling quite a bit. I was tired and hungry. I knew my mom and #1 & #2 were waiting by the hotel for me to pass by again so I sent my mom a text telling her where I was and that I was trying to get there. I finally came up to the mile 12 mark and there was a man standing on the street telling me to finish strong and I am pretty sure I gave him a death stare as I went by. I turned the corner and there they were, waving at me!!
I am not as happy as I look!
#1 (Artsy Girl)
I gave the girls a hug and on my way I went again. My mom yelled out to me to let me know that Officer P and #3 & #4 were waiting for me at the pier!! Since I was already past mile 12 it could be that far away so I started running again. It seemed farther then I remembered from the pervious days but finally there they were!! I went up and gave “Puppy Lover” (#3) and “the Boy” (#4) hugs as well and told them I was almost done and I’ll be right back!!. Next thing I knew “Puppy Lover” was running along side me!!. They then cut off and told me they were going to try and beat me to the finish line. I thought that was rude Winking smile. I came up to the feather boa and tiara station, quickly grabbed my goodies and to the finish line I went!! There is this crazy rumor that shirtless firefighters are at the finish line to give you your medal and I can confirm that the rumors are 100% true!!! Although I don’t think they were real firefighters, at least none of the ones I’ve seen.
And waited in line to take a picture with him!!!!
I got my medal from him!!!
I went on to get my rose and glass of champagne and by the time I got done with all of that my family was texting me wondering where I was so I grabbed a bagel and cookie and met back up with them. It was really nice to see them all out there to support me and there is just something about witnessing a race that inspires people!! “Artsy Girl” has now declared that she wants to do another 5k and  #2 has decided she wants to join her!! All in all I would say it was a very fun and successful race! Regardless of what the clock said!
Shhh, I wasn’t walking down the street with an open container!!
NOTE: If you would like to read my mile by mile #run3rd dedications you can do so here. I wanted to use that post to share their stories and this one to share mine. 


  1. Looks like fun!! Love the bling :)

  2. It was a lot of fun!! The bling is huge too!! I am a little disappointed that the medal itself doesn't have the location on it since I will be doing the So Cal Diva too, but I still love it!

  3. Love the bling too! I stumbled across your blog and loved it. I've done Disney races too.. they are great.

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