March 22, 2013

Revisiting and Reviving

Recently a very good friend of mine, Calling Shenanigans , picked up blogging again. After reading several of her posts I was inspired to dig up my old blog and read it over. All 4 posts of it. Reading those 4 posts was the best reminder I could get about just how far my running has come. There was just something about reading my own words, written at that time, that just spoke to me and inspired me to revive this blog that had been abandoned so long ago.

In true Summer fashion I spent most of the day yesterday thinking up a new title, since "Summer- Princess in Training" no longer seemed fitting considering I have now ran the Princess Half Marathon a total of 3 times, and looking for a new design. Have I ever mentioned how I use to aspire to be a layout and design editor for some big name magazine? No? Well it's true. I am not creative enough to come up with the designs myself, but I can certainly tell others what is wrong with theirs. ;)

Anyway, it was quite a process but after hours researching possible names, and often suffering heartache when I found my totally clever idea had already been taken, my blog now has now come back to life. Voila! My brand new running diary is up and ready to go!

1 comment:

  1. Welcome back to blogging Summer! I love the look and the name! Can't wait to follow along with you on the way to sub 2:30... and beyond!!!