March 25, 2013

From Princess to Diva

A new race has just been added to my list for the year. I was not planning on doing another race until November, but now that has all changed. I have had my eye on the Diva Series ever since I got back from the Princess Half Marathon last month (race recap coming later this week). I mean a tiara and feather boa station just before mile 13?? Yes please! Then to top it off you get your medal, a rose, and a glass of bubbly handed to you by hunky men at the finish line?? What's not to love? My original plan was to do the So Cal race, with my mom YAY!, in December, but for some reason the San Francisco race kept calling my name. After doing a little site browsing I discover they have a west coast challenge! If you do both the San Francisco and So Cal races in the same year you get extra bling!! Those who know me know how much I LOVE my extra bling (cough cough coast 2 coast 2 years in a row!!) so operation convince the husband was now underway.

It just so happens that the race is on May 5th and Artsy Girl's, also know as #1, birthday is May 4th. YES!! I found my in. I approached Officer P by asking him if he wanted to take Artsy Girl to San Francisco for her birthday; knowing that one of our regrets when we first moved to Texas was not going to San Francisco so I thought it was a pretty easy sale. He asked Artsy Girl if she would like to go and her answer was "sure". For Artsy Girl this is a pretty standard answer, but we took it as a yes. With that settled it was time to reveal my secret motivation, lucky for me Officer P is very supportive of my running and his blessing was easily given.

Sooo just like that I did it!! I pulled the trigger and registered for my very first non runDisney half marathon!! This will also be my very first unofficial, official, #run3rd race. For those of you who don't know #run3rd it is a twitter campaign started by actor Sean Astin that is really pretty simple, "I run 1st for myself, I run 2nd for my family and I run 3rd for you". In the spirit of #run3rd I will be dedicating each mile of my run to a person/ people or a cause and will be tweeting them as I go. As the race grows closer I will start taking dedications so if you have someone or something in mind watch for that post in the next month or so.

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