January 25, 2014

Tink Half Expo!!

Since I had volunteered the day before I had to go back to the expo on Friday in order to pick up my roommates bibs and to check out what they had to offer.

photo 1

Now I have a confession to make, I’m not huge on expos. I usually make a mad dash in, get my bib, shirt and gear bag and get the heck out of dodge! At least that is what I have done for every expo except for Tink. I’m not sure what it is about this particular expo, but all 3 years I have found myself wondering around checking out the vendors, and this year I even went back several times!

On Friday I picked up my roommates bib for her, got her shirts and bags and made my way over to the official merchandise where most of the hot ticket items, like the zip up jackets, were pretty picked over, but was glad to see plenty of the pull over hoodies where still available. I quickly grabbed my size as I weaved in and out of the other isles seeing if anything else caught my attention, but thankfully it didn’t. I stood there for a moment looking at the hoodie in my hand trying to decide if I was going to drop the cash or not, and of course I did.

Tink Half Hoodie

Around this time I met back up with DisBroad Patty, since we came to the expo together, but quickly went separate ways. We went over to scope out the KT Tape line for DisBroad Tania, and after we met up with her she got taped and we were on our way to the parks for a bit!!

I had been following the New Balance tweets and as of Saturday morning they still had my size in the Cinderella shoes so I thought I would make my way over there after the 10k and see if I could on the reservation list, and I did with no problem! I literally walked up, entered my info on the iPad and was told it would be my groups turn in about 2 1/2 hours so I went into the expo and picked up a couple pair of PRO Compression socks that I had been eyeing online! I also went over to get a picture with Jeff Galloway since he was the reason I actually felt like I could do a half marathon in the first place!! He is all around a great guy, and has no problem chatting it up with you, which is just awesome!

Jeff Galloway Tink Expo

I then headed to the park for a bit until I got my “it’s your turn” text about 3 hours later and made my way back to the expo . . . again, and picked up these beauties!! Easy peasy!!

Cinderella New Balance Shoes

Since this was going to be my last runDisney event for awhile I spent more then I normally would, but I love every single one of my purchases and I have no buyers regret so I would say it was a success!!

Do you like to shop the expos? or are you usually in and out, like me?


  1. I really like taking my time at expos, but they're usually crowded. So, I usually stake out what I actually want to see and then get out of there.

    1. That's it for me too. I'm not huge on crowds so I don't hang around a lot, plus I'm usually not alone and the person I'm with isn't interested in browsing.

  2. Love those shoes. I can't be allowed to walk in an expo with a debit card, or I'll make us broke ;)

    1. LoL, that would be me too, if I were let loose alone with the debit card, but then I'd feel guilty afterwards.

  3. I got the Cinderella shoes too - they are so gorgeous!! I was so excited when I finally had them in hand lol.

    I loooove expos and exploring all the runner products!

  4. Me too! When I went back for my appointment and the person fitting me told me she didn't think they had any more of my size I was going to cry, but thankfully she was mistaking.


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