December 11, 2013

What’s Up Wednesday: 12/11 Edition

First off, day two of our Disneyland trip is still coming, I promise. Unfortunately we all managed to bring colds back with us so that has hampered my blogging a bit.You get a cold meme

Moms are not suppose to get sick, and surely they are not allowed to get sick at the same time as the kids, so I’m med’ing up and trucking on.

Last month New Balance and runDisney announced that pink Minnie and Sorcerer Mickey would be featured on the 2014 runDisney exclusive version of the 860v3 model stability running shoe. For all of you neutral shoe runners out there this was your lucky week because New Balance has now revealed that they will also be releasing Goofy and Cinderella in a neutral model!!

runDisney 2014 shoesI am hoping that this might mean that the shoes will be a little easier to obtain, but I’m pretty sure it will just mean that there will be plenty of people buying both models.

Honestly, I am not too keen on the characters being featured on the shoes. It kind of reminds me of the shoes I use to wear as a kid with the puffy sticker character sewn on the side of them. Hopefully once I see them I can get past that, or if not it will save me some money. ;)      

And now onto the subject of training. To make it simple it just plane ain’t happening. Maybe this whole 10k one day and half marathon the next isn’t such a great idea anymore. But one way or another I’ll get it done. 

With that I leave you with this Hey Girl, because I think it will make me feel just a little bit better. :)

Hey Girl Sick Meme


  1. You made me laugh with this one - especially the kid shoes with the puffy sticker part! That's gonna be in my head! Hope everyone's better soon!

    1. Thanks Amy. I have to keep a close eye on the boy since he has asthma and respiratory infections are his trigger. :/