December 4, 2013

What's Up Wednesday 12/4 Edition

Lots of fun this week! Yesterday was #2's birthday and we spent it at Disneyland!! We had a lot of fun and are going back for more today. :) Watch both my blog here and for my recaps and tons of pics coming later this week. 

We also caught a little extra magic as the cast of Dog with a Blog were in the park filming!! We were actually riding the teacups and saw the cameras filming the ride and then saw a crowd gathering. Once our ride was over we decided to ride Alice in Wonderland next and that is when we saw the cast going in the exit followed by the camera crew. Now only if we were 2 groups later we might have made a cameo. I will definitely be watching for this episode just in case. 

#1 totally fangirled out, which really surprised me since she doesn't even really watch the show like #3 does. It was really fun to see her that excited over seeing them, though.

Last week I also started doing Focus T25, and I am excited to say that I am down 2 pounds after just one week!! This week is a little off with our Disneyland trip so tomorrow I am going to pick back up with the second half of week one and will continue on to week two next week. I also have to get back to running or Tinker Bell will be even uglier then I already expect it to be. 

For right now things are going I the right direction (finally) so I really want to keep the momentum going!

Anyone have anything exciting to share from their week? 


  1. Nothing exciting here, but how awesome that you got to see Dog With a Blog at Disneyland!!!

  2. It was really neat, and totally unexpected!!