August 25, 2013

RnR Las Vegas Training: Week 4



Nope you didn’t miss it; I didn’t post a recap for week 3. Honestly, I have not been very motivated to blog lately. I write awesome posts in my head when I am out for a run, but once I get home I just don’t really feel like sitting down and typing it out, or it doesn’t seem as good of a post as I did out on my run.

Once again I fell off the TapouT wagon, but on the bright side I have not missed a single run. I am taking that as a small victory and deciding how I want to move forward. Like always, I am sure that will be a continual work in progress. This week looked like this:

  • Monday: Rest
  • Tuesday: 4 mile tempo run, although honestly I don’t do tempo runs well so it was basically just a regular run.
  • Wednesday: Light suspension training. I am still trying to work out a routine for this and will be posting a review of my Mostfit Strap after I get a chance to use it a bit more.
  • Thursday: 5 miles at moderate pace. I am still a bit behind pace for these, but I am getting close. This was actually suppose to be 4 miles, but I accidently got a week ahead of myself. Oops.
  • Friday: Light suspension training
  • Saturday: 7 mile long run. The 7 mile mark is always a biggie for me because it is over half way. The next milestone is 10 miles because it’s double digits.
  • Sunday: Candlelight yoga

On to week 5 I go!! 84 days till race day!!!


  1. Great job girl! 7 miles is a big milestone - the halfway point is huge! So is the 10 miler... After that, its only a 5k and you're done!

    I don't like yoga, but candlelight sounds intriguing...

  2. Candlelight yoga sounds amazing! Congrats on your 7miler!

  3. I LOVE Candlelight yoga. It is more my kind of yoga. It is breathing and stretching focused, not the stand one our head kind of stuff. It use to be on Netflix instant, but it's not anymore so I bought it from Amazon for like $10. I love it after my long runs.