August 11, 2013

RnR Las Vegas Training: Week 2


I did not formally post it here, but my goal for August is to not miss a single workout for the whole month. 11 days down and so far so good. Having the goal has even helped me to do a workout when I really don’t feel like it, like today. I am use to having Sunday as a rest day after my long run on Saturday, but with the challenge I am doing my rest day isn’t until Wednesday.
This is how this week shaped up:

Monday: Buns & Guns and abs XT
Tuesday: 3 mile tempo run & Muay Thai
Wednesday: REST
Thursday: 3 miles moderate pace & Sprawl and Brawl
Friday: Legs & Back
Saturday: 5 mile long run & Yoga XT
Sunday: Cross Core Combat

In other news last week I said how I want to try suspension training next month and I am very excited to report that I won a MostFit Suspenison Strap from Mindy's Fitness Journey. I can’t wait to give it a try and hopefully work it into next months training schedule. 

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  1. Can't wait to hear about the suspension strap! Congrats on a great week!