April 10, 2013

Did Somebody Say Club 33 ? ?

So I wasn’t going to add this since it is suppose to be more of a running blog and less of a Disney blog, but it is Club 33 and is certainly blog worthy, so why not?
This was just another reason why it is so awesome to have wonderful friends like Patty, who happens to have just as wonderful friends of her own. It started with a text message telling me she had HUGE news and I needed to check my Facebook inbox ASAP. I was at work so I quickly downloaded the FB app for my phone so I could see what the fuss was about. Well, apparently Miss Patty got an invitation to go to Club 33 for brunch after the Tinker Bell Half Marathon, and since we were roomies for the weekend guess who got to tag along?? Why me of course! 

It was actually quite amazing how it all went down. Patty is a frequent poster on the DisBoards, and got a PM from Sarah, who also posts on Dis, saying she had gotten a PM from yet another Dis member offering to be her benefactor! As none of us had ever met in person, well except for Patty and I, we often wondered and even joked about the possibility of it all being some kind of prank. At last the time finally came for us to find out if was in fact really real or not. Sarah rang the “super secret” doorbell and they came out and asked for her reservation information. It was the moment of truth and SUCCESS we were in!
We sat in the lobby for a few moments taking it all in while they prepared our table. We took a few pictures in front of the elevator and then it was time to head upstairs. They asked us if we wanted to take the stairs or the “lift”. Of course we opted for the lift so we all piled in and up we went!
The dining room was very lovely and the environment was a great relief from the hustle and bustle of the very crowded park just below us. After we were seated we hit the appetizer buffet, had a couple of drinks, met a few characters, and made a group trip to the bathroom as we waited for our food to be prepared. You can read Patty’s Club 33 bathroom report here. I promise it is worth checking out!
We apparently were the first ones to come in wearing Tinker Bell medals since one of the CMs came over to see them and said she had been waiting all day to get a look at them.  Here is Kirsten (another new Dis friend I met over the weekend) and I with Mickey, and Pluto sneaking up behind me.
25974_10151373706382472_456475111_n  545211_10151373706057472_870941553_n
If you ever get a chance to eat here I can not recommend the truffle macaroni and cheese enough. I honestly could have easily just eaten that and been completely happy. There was also a dessert bar where I sampled a little of everything . . . what? I ran a half marathon I totally earned the calories. Winking smile Here is a little food porn for your viewing pleasure. Truffle Mac and Cheese, which I believe was Patty’s since I ate all of mine as soon as it was in front of me, and my Club 33 ├ęclair. On the bottom left corner is one of the best s’mores I’ve ever had, can you say brownie inside??
150938_10151373706447472_97175235_n      69675_10151286542198392_180148272_n
After we had completed our meals we weren’t ready to leave just yet so we headed out on the balcony to watch Tiana sing and take some more pictures.
408381_10151373705202472_353926226_n   64251_10151373705457472_1314454546_n  379737_10151373705317472_380857167_n 
Unfortunately, around this time I had to make an exit since I had kind of left my mom alone in the park so that I could enjoy this wonderful meal and I was starting to feel a little guilty about it. Sarah, Patty and Kirsten stayed behind and got a tour. I was a little bummed I missed it, but was very grateful to have the wonderful, once in a lifetime, experience I did get. Thank you so much for including me in your celebration ladies!!


  1. My family and I are such huge Disney World fans that I have never even heard of this in Disneyland! I did a good twenty minute search on google about it. HOW COOL! Definitely a unique Disney experience :)

  2. I grew up in So Cal and went to Disneyland all the time, but didn't know it really existed until I was an adult. I always thought it was a Disney legend since I never actually saw anyone go in or out while I was there.

  3. First of all love I'm a little jealous you got to go to Club 33. :) Glad yo got to go though, not many people do. I nominated you for a blogger award. Check it out! http://www.running-with-a-stroller.com/2013/04/motivation-monday.html

    1. I was so very excited to go and the food was amazing!

      Thank you very much for the nomination!! I was without internet for a couple weeks so I just got back on here.

  4. This is AWESOME!! So jealous you got to go to Club 33. :) Congratulations!!

    1. Thank you. It was such a great way to celebrate!!