August 4, 2010

Feeling HOT HOT HOT!!

This heat has been killer. Yesterday was my long run, 4 miles, and I tried out a new park that has winding trails. Overall the run was okay and thankfully the park had lots of trees to shade it a bit, but it was still very hot. I was able to finish the 4 mile in just under 55 minutes, which I thought was pretty good until I looked at my past runs on and saw that that was actually my worst time for a 4 mile run. I am blaming it on the heat and moving on.

Today we are under a heat advisory with a "feels like" of 106. YIKES. Thankfully I got 2.8 miles in in the morning, but it was still pretty hot and when there was no breeze it was very hard to keep running. My pace did reflect this struggle, but thankfully it didn't take too much of a dive. I just keep telling myself in a month or two it will start to cool down and hopefully my running will take off from there.

Tomorrow is a cross training day and right now I have P90X kenpo and stretching planned. Friday will be a rest day and then Saturday will be another 40 minute run followed by the P90X 'core' DVD. Sunday will be P90X yoga  with Monday being another long run day. I will being doing 4 miles again this week and then bumping it up to 5 miles next week.

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